Friday, March 22, 2013

together all things are possible

 So I thought it would be nice to let everyone know a little bit about my husband and I, plus are wonderful story of how we met... I am married to Christopher Robbins ha ha Winne the pooh he he I always love  when people ask Chris how is friend Is  but anyways we lived right down the road from each other but at first we didn't even know that.. We met at high school it was my freshman year and I finally got to go to a real school not that home schooling is bad BC it isn't I got to do a lot of things that most kids could only dream of doing... but my parents let me go to high school and there it all started.. we have passed each other in the hall going to are next classes and I was the new girl so I didn't really know where my next class was and it was his last yr there, but when I passed him in the hall I got this weird feeling and I couldn't stop thinking about him that whole day and wondering what is name is, so that after noon I got on the bus and turns out that he rode the same bus and the bus was packed I mean packed there was no seats left except with Chris and that is really where it starts. I ask to sit with him and then we started talking and I just new he was the one and the same for him..

Then we will skip a lot of it and get to where we are now , well we have been married for 8yrs and together for 9yrs we have had 4 children two gone to heaven and two still here.. we would have had three boys one girl , so are life has been a roller coaster and we have had are ups and downs but we are helping each other through everything and taking it one day at a time... We have learned that time will only heal and it takes time to heal.. it isn't easy having a hard relationship with a sick child it is very hard BC it changes a lot of thing BC you don't really understand why it happen to you and your family.. Chris and I have one health little 5 yr boy and then we have Riley and we love every second of everyday with both of our boys.. we talk to are oldest son... but he is still young and don't really understand a lot .. But I know that marriages its self is hard work and then putting this on top of it is even harder but I believe that if you truly love him or her then you will make it through anything but I know that ant always the case and some people are different but that is just what I believe..

Even tho sometimes I feel like just giving up I cant BC I love my family too much and Chris and I have and still is going through so much and it is so hard sometimes with everything going on but I know how much he love me and I love him and together I know we can get through anything but we also have God to thank BC with out him and our family I don't really know where we would be at today>>

Some for people out there that is going through the same or something like we are with a child lean on your husband or wife for help through thing talk to one another cry with each other believe together that all things are possible.. I love you Christopher Robbins and thank you  for begin a amazing husband and father to our kids....

I thought I would share this with you hope u like it.. that is only a little bit of our story....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

bucket List

Hi everyone I was read little miss Quinn page and how they are doing a Bucket list for her and  i thought it would be such a great idea to do for Riley and little chris... I need everyones help to make this possbile for Riley we need to rasie the money to be able to do the things we would like to do with him.. Riley has came a long ways  and has been through so much that i think he needs this not just for him but also for his big brother who is also going through so much as a 5yr old.. I need all my Friends and family help to make this happen for him... we need to rasie money to make this happen :)

  1. Take Riley to the zoo
  2. Take Riley to the beach
  3. Take Riley the aquarium
  4. Take Riley to Disney
these are some of Riley's dreams that we know he and little chris would love to share and make memories with eachother... Riley cant travel far so we only put these up here bc there arent that long of a drive...

We would like to make this happen for Riley with the little time we have with our precious little boy.. lets make these dreams happen...