Friday, January 4, 2013

new year wow

Hello everyone I know it has been a while since i have wrote on here and i am sorry for that, it has been really hard with the holidays and all because i have been missing my little girl alot and having Riley go through all this is very hard... He has accomplished alot and that is for sure..We had a amazing Christmas with Riley and the family. Little Chris loved all this gifts too:)..
I am in lose of word for the new year because i don't know whats to come of it... Today has been sad for my family because my  husbands grandma passed away today and it is very hard but she will be missed by so many<3

For the past couple of months Riley has had alot more down falls and is having alot more trouble breathing and for the last week now he got a cold and it is putting more trouble on him with breathing, his stats have been dropping more down into the 70's but his heart rate is normal
his motor skills is sad because he has went way down he can't move his head or left it up, he doesn't like to be held much anymore and he cry's all the time, he doesn't smile much anymore, his hands are  curl in and he cant make them straight anymore, his liver is very big also his spleen too.. his seizures haven got worse, his Apnea has gotten worse too.. To see a child but not just a child but your own child go through this and just watch him go down hill more it hurts so bad.. i can't stand to see him like this and to know the out come of all of this it really sucks..

You  Know on top of this all I have my five yr old asking me about his brother and if he is going to be angel like his sissy, i mean really what do you tell a five year old? sometimes it is crazy because he will come up to me and say mommy Riley is Gods child to and he will be okay with sissy, and all i can do is just cry and cry because i don't understand everything and all.. But for a five year old to know and understand a little about what is happen is pretty smart.. we tell him what is happen with Riley and that he will be angel when God is ready for him and he just sits there and says i am sad but i will be here for you mommy...

I am in this place and i just don't know its like i have tried to stay strong for so long but i am tell you it is caughting up with me...

I can say that Riley is a very strong little guys and he is what keeps me going and believing in miracles... to wake up to see him and my other two boys is amazing i know that our road is going to get harder but with God by our side we will get through it ...


  1. I love you so much Lori..It's hard for me to read these updates sometimes. We are here for you if you ever need us ok. Love you very much.

  2. Im here for you and the family i don't have the answers but im here for you all. Riley has touched my life and among many others im sure and hes a strong little boy and i look up to you and thank your a wonderful mom and wife.. keep your head up and smile Riley wants that i know i still remember that day like it was yesterday him baby talking mevin Walmart loved it and glad i got the chance to have that with him. And also sorry about Chris's grandmother praying for you all and the families as well. Let God do his job. And you work with him. Love you girl never forget that!!

  3. Lori - I am so sorry Riley is having such a hard time. It broke my heart to see that he cries so much. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. Hugs to you, strong mama - your love for your sweet boy is the best medicine he can get.

  4. my heart broke reading this, I am so sorry that he is in pain and all the pain your family is going through watching your baby slip away. we love you all so much and send you all our love. xoxo, Chelsea

  5. Lean on your family - those who are physically close to you and those who understand. You are strong. Little Chris is a wise boy and his way of looking at things is precious.