Sunday, October 21, 2012


hi everyone that is interested in  my hair bows you can go to facebook and put in riley robbins and that is riley's page so them you can inbox me and let me know which ones and they say the prices on them to... thanks


Hi everyone Riley is doing good... I mean he is having some more down fells but he is still here with us and we are very thankful for these days... Riley is an amazing little guy and i am so lost in words to say to everyone bc it is very hard right now to even talk about thing or to stop and think about thing bc i try to stay busy so i dont have to think about thing.... My boys are my whole life and I would do anything in the  world for them and it hurts that Riley is in all the pain that he is in and it is not fair at all... I have having a hard time bc the hoildays are coming up and i dont know how to really act about them... i am trying to hold it together for my 5 yr old but it is getting very hard...

Here are some pictures i took today with my boys<3

Also please keep in mind i am selling all kinds of hand made hair bows and wallets for Riley's fund so if you are inferested in that please inbox me and i will tell you more and show pics to you...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello everyone it has been a while since i have posted anything.. I have been lost in words really to say to everyone.. Yes Riley is still here and he is doing ... We have seen a lot more down fall with him but we a still very grateful to still have him here with us... it is getting even harder to see him like this and not only that it brings back some sad memory's of my little i have been lost in words... I know that i thank God every day with Riley... so I am trying to put a fundraiser together for Riley and i would love yall's help in it please... I make hand made hair bows all different kinds and the money from the bows will go into Riley's fund:) so if y'all know any little girl that love to wear them please help and buy them .... here is some pic of the bows i make  remember this is for Riley<3

Please everyone help me sale these for Riley and to help raiser money for him as he will need... I make all different ones if you are interested in them please leave a comment on the ones you want... thank you Lori <3