Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brother TIme :)

I think it is so cute that they both have (CARS) PJ and they are watching tv together.. I love memonts like this..
Riley and his (CPAP) which he is starting to do really good with as far as letting me put it on him.. Yay for that because I didn't Know when i would be able to put it on him and him not fight with me .. Riley is still having trouble with his (STATS) he is on 3 liters at night most of the time but there are some times where we have to go up to almost 4 Liter.. But doing the day he is on 2 liter and he his on a canula and his heart rate when he is a sleep will drop to the 60s and his oxygen will drop to the 70s but during the day his heart rate will stay in the 120s and oxygen will stay like in between 79s to 82s..
I love these boys so much.. They are my whole world and I enjoy to see them smile together and hang with each other...
They love to be around each other all the time...
Little Chris is so much of a Help with Riley and he wants to do it all for him everyday and I think it is so sweet for him to do the things he does for his little brother..
They play so good together and little Chris is so careful with Riley and caring to him..
Love is so great... Making memories is awesome to do .... I cherish every second I have with both of my babies and I love it so much that I don't know what I am going to do when that time comes and I have to face the unthinkable ... I know that Riley is my Angel but not just my Angel but his big brothers too...

Riley's First Easter

Happy Easter to everyone and hope everyone had a great one.. Riley had a good day starting out and then he started getting really fussy and so we had to make Easter short but it was the best (Easter) I could of asked for because it was another day to make great memories with him.. Little Chris went Easter hunting and every other EGG he said look Riley I got this one for you and it just made Riley smile and it melted my heart because is such a great big brother.. Little Chris would go and put the Egg in Riley basket, and the sweetest thing is that little Chris made Riley a Basket.. HE said Mommy we have to get this which was rags because Riley love to have them cold and so little Chris put a thing of rags in his basket and He pick out Riley a bunny and then he put on Riley's basket with a marker (I LOVE YOU RILEY) I just cried because it was so sweet of him... He loves Riley so much... Easter was great I just wished things was different for Riley but we are very thankful that we still have him here with us ...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

OKay Day

Riley was having a Okay day..
Riley is more fussy and sleepy alot more and We have seen alot more things starting to go down hill with him due to his (Disease).. Riley is so sweet and loving, his smile lights up the world.. Riley is a little fighter that is for sure no matter how much in pain he is in he always trys to put a smile on his face and he coos a little still.. Its so crazy no matter how much this (Disease takes away as far as his motor skill and all it will not take the (Love) that Riley shares and haves from us.. I thank God everyday that i have Riley Bug still because its one more day that i get to cherish, its one more memory we get to share together... I have learn so much in the last 6yrs of my life.. I have learned that the one like nothing can ever take away from you is (LOVE) and to be thankful for what you have in your life, (Cherish your memory's of all your love ones)... I hurt and cry everyday because i see Riley go through this and in pain all the time but he Makes me so happy and for him to make us that happy i Have to say he is my (Angel)... Riley has such a big heart and he loves his big brother (CHRIS) so much... when he see his brother he goes crazy and it makes you laugh because you can see how much love there is between them and it is so amazing to me... God gave me Riley for a reason and I believe that reason is to be is voice and share his story and let him meet ppl... Please coutine to pray for Riley as his is still facing this long Journey .. With much love LORI..

Friday, April 6, 2012

cutie as a button for Riley

These hair bows are hand made by My friend and I and we are saling them as a fundraiser for Riley... We just started these up 4 months ago and would like to let everyone know they are reasonable price and if you r interested in them please inbox me and i will let you know more info we have alot more different hair bow and styles also ... the money we raise will go to Riley and his funeral .. thanks Lori

In memory of My Daughter Faith and in Honor of Riley

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Riley's First Time in His Pool

Riley enjoying the weather in his pool for the very first time...

Riley is relaxing in his pool :)

I finally got a smile out of him :)

Riley is a very happy Baby:) As many of you know that Riley is Still battling Niemann Pick Type A . Riley is on oxygen all day and he has to be put on a (CPAP) at night when he goes to sleep because his lungs are starting to close up on him so the (CPAP)helps keeps his lungs open and Riley is still having a lot of trouble with his o2 stats keep dropping but that is a sign of the disease taking over but all these thing that are happing with Riley doesn't keep him for begin (happy) Riley is a very happy,loving baby boy.. I am always one step a head of the Game with Riley and life is very hard but I cherish every second that I have with him.. Riley is going through alot right now and his body is shutting down but by the Grace of God with get through it... Please still contiune to pray for Riley as he is still on this jounery and also for my Family...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Race For Riley's Cure

Riley's Walk went good:)

The walk was great the one wish I had was for Riley to be able to come to his own walk and he got out of the hospital just in time to come to it... Not many ppl showed up but my family did and thats what counts.. next year will be better.. I still have alot of (T Shirts for sale for Riley ) but all in all I was happy about how it turned out ....