Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mama and Riley Bug

Mama & Sweet Riley Bug
Our day together is not like a ordinary day
to us it is a very special day
because with sweet Riley
we don't get to hold him
that much,,
but to day was different
we sat together and
laughed and  talked
to one another..
I enjoy every second with him
and cherish it too..
Riley is like no other
kind..He is a
very special baby
and its no
all because
he is sick..
 So many people that have health children don't
even realize that sometimes
that they should not
take them for granted..
and with Riley we learned
that we should be very thankful
for what we all have in
life.. Riley also reminds
us that even when we
think we have the worse
to still laugh and play
and to enjoy life to
the fullest..
Someone so dear to Riley and my Family had
wrote in this precious book warrior baby
that stuck out to me, was
BY Shannon Laffoon who
is also a NPA parent and
her little angel lost his
fight against NPA...
You can go to
to read about him and his life
and also get his precious book..
Riley is so precious and dear
that i would do anything in
this world to take that disease
from him and cure him
but i know that all
 i can do it pray.. so
that is what we will
do is pray..
Riley is still
having more issues but it
is due to his
jsut know that Riley
will be two years old
on the 15th of this
month and to us it is
a big step for him
and for us
bc due to his lungs
the dr.s said that
he was luck to
make it to 20 months
and here he is about to
be two..
Please contuie to pray
for are family and




  1. Oh Lori - you are so right. Riley is special because he is Riley, not because he is sick. Despite his being so sick, he is one lucky little boy to have such a sweet and loving momma. You are doing the absolute best thing for him - loving on him and cherishing every precious moment you have with him. And again - you are right - that is what it should be all about for all of us - every day and with everyone dear to us. I am in total agreement with you on Shannon's Baby Warrior book - it's awesome. So sweet of you to share for those who might not be aware of Wylder's blog. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. So well-said. Riley is an amazing child. You are an amazing mom. True love!!!!

    Nanci Glassman

    PS: We cherish our copy of Warrior Baby

  3. GOD be with your family, and this very special little boy.
    I pray for Riley ,and all of those,little ones who suffer from N P

    I too have a little grandson Jacob who is only 5 days younger than Riley sept 20th he also turned 2 yrs old, life is a struggle for these little ones , so faith& love is what we have to hold on too, Jacob and i said some prayers last nite and sent love to Riley and your family.