Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In just four day's will be very special to us because Riley will be making it to his Second Birthday and it is a very biggggg step for him and for us as a family... My heart skips a beat because i am so blessed to be able to celebrate it with him... Riley loves monkeys and elephants as everyone know, so we are doing all monkeys this year as his theme... As the days get closer and closer i get more excited about it... it is a dream come true...

                                             An old pic but i love those memories

As we celebrate Riley's birthday it will be a very happy day but also a very sad day bc we didn't get a chance to celebrate are little girl second birthday so we will have a moment for her...

                                                            My Angel R.I.P. Baby girl...

                                                          Baby girl your little brother reminds me so much of
you and looks like you in so many different ways... Wish you were here with us.. Your always in my
heart and mind not a day goes by that i don't think  of you.. mommy loves you angel...<3


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