Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Despite a disease filled with constant difficulties and challenges that would cause most to simply give up hope, Riley continues to move and inspire me and everyone that is around him as he continues to fight this devastating disease that currently has no treatment or cure... His fighting spirt has become a contagious disease itself, and has inspired and motivated closet to him to never give up hope and join him in this fight against Niemann pick Disease.. There is a Quote that always passes my mind and that is "You never know how strong you are until begin strong is the only choice you have.. It is so true, I am strong because of Riley and little Chris, because my family need me to be. This might sound crazy but this disease has opened my eyes to how our precious son was and is changing people's hearts and lives.. I know you have probably heard me say this before but even if it's just for a moment while you are reading the blog that Riley's story is or had touched your heart or making you feel differently about your life and the way that you lead it or whether it's for a day, or a week or forever Riley is making and has made a big difference more then i could ever imagined.. This is why he is here, to touch your heart, to make a difference to make you realize what is  most  important to you and in your life.. to see the goodness in others and in your self and to have Faith that there is a Reason even if we don't understand why or cant see it at the time... just never stop believing and always have Faith... I thought i would share this with everyone on how i look at life <3

                                           Believe if not for you but for Riley...
His precious face lights up the world <3


  1. Oh Lori, you truly know what is most important in life. Thank you so much for sharing Riley and Faith with us. I love that quote because it is so true and you certainly embody that. You are a strong, amazing woman. Hugs and prayers to you - and we are all looking forward to celebrating Riley's big day!

  2. God Bless Riley Happy 2nd Birthday little guy,,

    just read your mommys stoy about you , sending love and prayers your way from Martinez Calif. hope you had the best birthday ever ! may you keep smiling little one,, sending monkey hugs too you !