Friday, August 17, 2012

Nana and Papaw time

                                                    Riley love water... My parents came down to visit and to
check on everyone, and they stand at comfort inn with a indoor pool so we all got together
as a family and went swimming..

                                                        This is me Riley and my Dad and my niece Cristen
who is one week apart from Riley.. Riley had a great day there in the pool.. it was cool but not to cool it was just right for him.. I loved every second of it and of holding him..

This everyone that came that day ... Riley have a blast with his brother in the pool... he keep looking at Little Chris and you could see a little smile on his face.. this day maybe everyone day to see Riley so happy...
         Riley has been doing okay, you can still see were he is going down hill alot more but i am thankful everyday that he is still here with us... I still get to talk to him and hold him... I still can say that God is awesome... I thank everyone for praying for him and my family and still continue to pray for us and for Riley ... Riley is  a blessing and we are amazed at how he is still here and how he can still do some little things to melt your heart away...


  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Such happy, precious memories!

  2. Lori - how sweet that you all got to share this time together. Riley looks as happy as a little fish in that water and it is so wonderful to see you have such a great chance to snuggle your sweet boy. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Much love and many prayers continue your way!

  3. I pray that Riley has many good days ahead like the happy times he had swimming in the pool with his family! He looked so sweet & happy. Just enjoy each day and all these happy moments. Happy memories last a lifetime & nothing can take those away! Your happy hearts will live on forever with these special moments youve all created as a family