Thursday, August 9, 2012


 So my sweet Riley bug has had a cold for two weeks know
and it has and still is very rough on my
sweet boy.. these pictures i took while
holding him in my arms.
he just woke up and so i got my
mommy time with him.

I got to hold Riley today not for every long
but i love every second of it.. Riley is my  
Angel, even tho this cold is making
Riley have alot more
trouble breathing and his heart
rate is crazy he is
still strong as ever..

Still made my day more beautiful
then ever. Melts my
heart away when i get to
hear his sweet vocie..


  1. Such lovely pictures! Love the mommy time.

  2. that was the sweetest video of his little voice! xoxo

  3. This made me smile! Such a sweet little fellow! Leigh