Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scary Night

So last night was really scary for us as Riley's alarm went off every five Min's... His heart rate was 160 and his oxygen level was between 70 and 75 and it was like he couldn't get it back up and it was at that point were i just cried because i didn't know how to feel or what to do because i did everything for him and it didn't work so i said a little prayer and i didn't sleep but Riley is something else because he is still here with us...I don't know about somethings but I do know that God has a plan for him and everyone and even tho it is very hard to you never know what is to come in our house, the one thing i do know is prayer..Yes it is very hard trying to deal with a five year old and house work and begin a wife plus with everything going on with Riley... Bill's stacking up not know how we are going to do all this but i will just have to pray and God will help me...Riley has no insurance and i know i shouldn't worry about alot of things but i am a human so i do worry.
     Riley is a very strong little guy and he is a very loving little guy and My whole world it complete and sometime i am overwhelm with everything..* SO HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF WHAT IF* I have a lot.. What would lif e be if i had all three of my children... What do we be doing.. Where we would be and so on...



  1. Lori:
    I just want you to know that you are doing great and a wonderful Mother. Yes it is hard being a Mother and everyone takes us for granted but then again there are moments that make it all worth while. Just a smile or a look they give us says it all. You are doing great!!! I can't image going through what you are going through. Just stay strong! Don't give up! Hell I feel like the what if's all the time. It is human!! Stay strong and keep praying! Keep up the Faith!


  2. i am so sorry Lori, i am sending love to your family and Riley-xoxo, Chelsea