Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prayer's Prayer's

Riley is not feeling so hot, he has been really irritable this past week and he woke
up this morning and his liver was swollen and his feet are still pretty swollen and
he is also running a fever.

Riley has not had a fever in a long time and know he has on
again and not only that but Riley
is haing more trouble trying to use the
bathroom.. he cant really sleep
and when he does go to sleep its like
for maybe 5 to 20 Min's and then he is
up crying.

                                        I am so scared because of all the signs that he is starting to get
 and I don't really know how to acted at this point... I am giving him all the love that we can but
to see your  child go through something so heart breaking it just is unthinkable.. Riley is also still having his breathing trouble... Please everyone continue to pray for my family  nd I with sweet Riley. His liver is not working like it should and that is another sign of this disease... Riley is so strong and I believe in Faith but it sometimes is really hard...


  1. Lori. Im so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. I pray for the best i know how to for you. I have been reading your post on facebook. I cant imagine what your going through right now. But i do know it has to be hard. But from what i see you are a strong woman. Keep your head up girl. May the lord be you and your son and your family right now.

  2. Poor little guy. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Loved the pics of Riley's Elle -- Jake has a stuffed elephant named "Ele" that he loves and sleeps with every night too :)

  3. Oh Lori, it is impossible to even begin to imagine how heartbreaking and frightening this is for you and your family. Please know that not only Riley, but all of you are in the prayers of so many. I hope that brings you some comfort. Just keep lovin' on that beautiful boy the way you always do - it's the most powerful medicine he can have!

  4. You are all in our prayers. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I know it's tough. Stay focused on him and let the prayers work.