Friday, July 6, 2012

Daddy Day

                                                                    * Are Eveything*
It was a Riley and Daddy Day, which they both love to do.. Riley loves to snuggle with you when you get him at the right time... This day was it and daddy took it and they both enjoyed each other as they talked and smiled at each other..

                                                          *Love Like No Other*

We spend every second of everyday Cherish the time and moments with Riley and not only that but we also thank God everyday that we have with him and thank him for all the good that we have in are life. Riley means the world to us and Lil man (AKA) Chris Riley's big Brother and we count are blessing everyday.. Not a day goes by that we are not thankful... Even though we r battling this with Riley we cant blame God for it we have to believe and that is what we do.. We know that the road is only going to get harder and very sad but we have faith in God because *WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE..* Riley has that above his head on the wall and we look at that and it reminds us not to give up on him or God because we never know what is to come.

Riley is are Hero but not only is he that,  he makes use realize what a great and wonderful gift that God has given to us and we live each and everyday to the fullest... Even though Riley is battle this sad unthinkable disease we still can see how precious he is and how we are so thankful for him everyday.. Riley is a strong fighter and each day gets harder for him and us but we don't let it get the best of us that is for sure..

Even though big Chris works all the time to provide for his family, he still worries and want to spend every second with Riley and it is so hard for him to wake up and go to work because he knows that we will not know when that time will come so Chris takes his weekends to make up for those day when he is at work and spends it with Riley and the family.. Riley loves to spend daddy day ...Riley knows when his daddy is around and it makes me so happy to know that when we are around it makes Riley's day better... Please everyone conitune to prayer for sweet baby riley and my family as
we conitune on this road..

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