Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Riley is starting to have a lot more breathing trouble and even tho he is on oxygen and a by-pap he is still having trouble... He is making a lot of noises when he is trying to breath... I pray everyday that he gets healed and that God would take all his pain away... I thank God for him and the days that I have with him... Riley is more tried and fussy all the time...But no matter how much pain he is in he still trys to put a smile on his precious face... Riley is a true blessing...Are road will only get harder but I would not change it for the world... Riley is so many peoples Angel and he has changed so many peoples lives it truly is a blessing..
                                       Riley amazes me everyday and how he is so strong and not giving up on us... God is so awesome and we thank him everyday.. Even tho I am hurting because I cant do nothing to help my baby I know God has a wonderful plan for him and for us as a family... There are time were I still don't understand all this but I have Faith and that's what keeps me going... There are times where I just sit and cry and hold Riley and ask (WHY) but i will never know why until i get there to ask him that..
Riley is my everything and so is my Angel who I thank bout everyday
I will one day see my Angel

Lil man is my Hero because when I thought I had nothing
left to live for when my Lil girl received her Angel wings
he came and I had everything to live for... I thank God every
day for him and he is my little miracle and I know that Riley
is my miracle to .....

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