Sunday, June 24, 2012

Riley is Still here with us..

It has been a while since I have wrote on here
there has been alot going on and
I have been very busy with Riley and
my five year old Chris but anyways
Riley has been doing good, he is having alot
more breathing trouble still,
but we are very blessed that he has made it this

Riley has made a big difference in my Life and
so many other peoples life's.
Riley made it passed the 19 month mark
which was a very scary thing for us
because My Little Girl Faith Robbins
Passed away at 19months
and he did it... Riley is
know 21 months old and will
be two years old

September 15, 2010 and we are so
Proud of him.. Riley has been through a
lot and still is going through
alot but the Lord has
Blessed us in so many
ways and My Family
and I are very thankful.. Riley
is more weak then he has
been and he is fussy all the
Riley sleeps alot but when
he is a wake it is so amazing
Riley doesn't like to be held very
much but when we get a chance we
are so happy and we cherish
very second with him and what
we do with him...

Thank You everyone for all the Prayer
that you do and how Riley has
touch so many of your hearts
It makes me smile to know that
Riley has embraced your
hearts.. Please do still
to continue to keep Riley in
your thoughts and prayers
as he is still battling
Niemann Pick Type A
and we don't know when it
could be his last day here...

Thank you again...

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  1. sending sweet Riley and your family so much love