Sunday, June 10, 2012


Riley is doing pretty good... I love to see this smile. it lights up my whole world... Riley is so strong and even when he isn't feeling so good he always has that beautiful smile on his face... I know it has been a while since I have wrote on here but it has been so crazy these past few months... Riley is having more trouble breathing but he still amazes me... I thank God every day for him and for Riley still begin here with us..

To get to hold Riley is the greatest feeling in the world... Riley is my Life, MY Love, My Everything and he is such a happy baby... He loves his big brother Chris and he laugh at him all the time and to see that it is so amazing... Riley's liver and spleen is still growing and he is still going down hill alot more but I know by the grace of God Riley is still here for me and for everyone else because Riley has a reason here on earth and I am thankful for him everyday

He is my Angel and everyone elses... He looks more and more like his Sister Faith everyday and it is such a blessing to me and my family.. when I see Riley I also see my Little Angel through him and it is so wonderful.... I cherish each day with Riley and little man because you do not know when that day will come.... I do know that just because Riley is sick doesn't mean that my world is gone because I still have him and my little Family and I thank God for that......I know that this Disease Niemann Pick Type A with not bring us down because in the end there will be a cure and we will not stop until there is one ......

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