Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture day


 Family means Everything  :)  


Riley is a very amazing little guy who makes your day
wonderful... Riley is such a wonderful baby
we love to spend are days with Family...

This is Riley and his cousin Cody who is spending
time together and enjoying the day..

                                                          Daddy is holding me in his lap..
                                         It's daddy time together.. which Riley Bug loves
                                                                      to do...


                                                                     Riley and Uncle Phillip
                                                          So much love for Riley and he has so much
                                               love for everyone else.. not very often do we get to hold
                                                     Riley bug and take pics..

                                                                          Riley and Uncle Phillip
                                                          Remembers Last forever!!
                                                        Cousin Cody is showing so much love to
                                                                           Riley bug
                                                          Having some Cody time!!
                                                                   Riley is such a strong little
Riley is doing okay.. The family is tyring to spend as much time as they can with sweet Riley because we don't know when that time will come and we want to make every remember we can with him.. I am very bless to be his mommy, even thou it is very hard at times and I feel so lost, I know deep down in side this is where I am suppose to be in my life.. Riley Bug means to much to me and to many people.. Yes Riley is going down hill but what I can say is he is doing alot better then where my Little Girl was bc he is almost 20months old and I am one proud mommy.. Riley is having alot more trouble with his stats when he goes to sleep at night and yes it does scare me because I don't know when... But I do know that God has been by MY and Riley side through all this and I would like to thank everyone for all the prayer's and still  pray for Riley Bug as he has so much more to come...


  1. Awesome pics, Lori. He's beyond adorable!!!

    Nanci & Mike Glassman

  2. Great pictures and great times, Lori. Please know that much love and many prayers come your way each day. You have been given a double dose of what no parent should ever have to face and you are dealing with it with strength and courage. Bless you!

  3. I found you through another blog, but just wanted to let you know that I think of you and your family often. You and Riley are in my prayers. He is such a precious boy.