Thursday, April 5, 2012

Riley's First Time in His Pool

Riley enjoying the weather in his pool for the very first time...

Riley is relaxing in his pool :)

I finally got a smile out of him :)

Riley is a very happy Baby:) As many of you know that Riley is Still battling Niemann Pick Type A . Riley is on oxygen all day and he has to be put on a (CPAP) at night when he goes to sleep because his lungs are starting to close up on him so the (CPAP)helps keeps his lungs open and Riley is still having a lot of trouble with his o2 stats keep dropping but that is a sign of the disease taking over but all these thing that are happing with Riley doesn't keep him for begin (happy) Riley is a very happy,loving baby boy.. I am always one step a head of the Game with Riley and life is very hard but I cherish every second that I have with him.. Riley is going through alot right now and his body is shutting down but by the Grace of God with get through it... Please still contiune to pray for Riley as he is still on this jounery and also for my Family...


  1. He looks like he is having fun! It's always great to see those smiles.

    Chip Bourgeault

  2. Riley looks like he's having a good time! Water always makes me happy as well!!

  3. I followed Kaitlyn's blog and through hers I found Riley's. He is absolutely precious and that smile in the pool just melted my heart. I just wanted you to know that I am keeping Riley and your family in my prayers.

  4. I found Riley through Kaitlyn as well. Will definitely keep your family in my prayers. How nice to see him smile and enjoy his pool!

    Sarah Russell - Indian Trail, NC

  5. We found Riley through Kaitlyn as well.
    Looks like he had lots of fun...Love his smile
    Riley and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Shirley (Canada)

  6. we keep you guys in our thoughts and in our prayers....God Bless!!!

  7. always praying for you my dear <3