Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Riley's First Easter

Happy Easter to everyone and hope everyone had a great one.. Riley had a good day starting out and then he started getting really fussy and so we had to make Easter short but it was the best (Easter) I could of asked for because it was another day to make great memories with him.. Little Chris went Easter hunting and every other EGG he said look Riley I got this one for you and it just made Riley smile and it melted my heart because is such a great big brother.. Little Chris would go and put the Egg in Riley basket, and the sweetest thing is that little Chris made Riley a Basket.. HE said Mommy we have to get this which was rags because Riley love to have them cold and so little Chris put a thing of rags in his basket and He pick out Riley a bunny and then he put on Riley's basket with a marker (I LOVE YOU RILEY) I just cried because it was so sweet of him... He loves Riley so much... Easter was great I just wished things was different for Riley but we are very thankful that we still have him here with us ...

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  1. that is the sweetest thing i have ever heard about Riley's big brother-he had to learn the love from somewhere-I am guessing his sweet mama and daddy:)