Saturday, April 7, 2012

OKay Day

Riley was having a Okay day..
Riley is more fussy and sleepy alot more and We have seen alot more things starting to go down hill with him due to his (Disease).. Riley is so sweet and loving, his smile lights up the world.. Riley is a little fighter that is for sure no matter how much in pain he is in he always trys to put a smile on his face and he coos a little still.. Its so crazy no matter how much this (Disease takes away as far as his motor skill and all it will not take the (Love) that Riley shares and haves from us.. I thank God everyday that i have Riley Bug still because its one more day that i get to cherish, its one more memory we get to share together... I have learn so much in the last 6yrs of my life.. I have learned that the one like nothing can ever take away from you is (LOVE) and to be thankful for what you have in your life, (Cherish your memory's of all your love ones)... I hurt and cry everyday because i see Riley go through this and in pain all the time but he Makes me so happy and for him to make us that happy i Have to say he is my (Angel)... Riley has such a big heart and he loves his big brother (CHRIS) so much... when he see his brother he goes crazy and it makes you laugh because you can see how much love there is between them and it is so amazing to me... God gave me Riley for a reason and I believe that reason is to be is voice and share his story and let him meet ppl... Please coutine to pray for Riley as his is still facing this long Journey .. With much love LORI..

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  1. Thinking of you all and so glad you are making good memories everyday