Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brother TIme :)

I think it is so cute that they both have (CARS) PJ and they are watching tv together.. I love memonts like this..
Riley and his (CPAP) which he is starting to do really good with as far as letting me put it on him.. Yay for that because I didn't Know when i would be able to put it on him and him not fight with me .. Riley is still having trouble with his (STATS) he is on 3 liters at night most of the time but there are some times where we have to go up to almost 4 Liter.. But doing the day he is on 2 liter and he his on a canula and his heart rate when he is a sleep will drop to the 60s and his oxygen will drop to the 70s but during the day his heart rate will stay in the 120s and oxygen will stay like in between 79s to 82s..
I love these boys so much.. They are my whole world and I enjoy to see them smile together and hang with each other...
They love to be around each other all the time...
Little Chris is so much of a Help with Riley and he wants to do it all for him everyday and I think it is so sweet for him to do the things he does for his little brother..
They play so good together and little Chris is so careful with Riley and caring to him..
Love is so great... Making memories is awesome to do .... I cherish every second I have with both of my babies and I love it so much that I don't know what I am going to do when that time comes and I have to face the unthinkable ... I know that Riley is my Angel but not just my Angel but his big brothers too...

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