Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 8th EEG Done

Riley had an EEG done and he did alright wilth is and well I prayed for good news and I didnt get the good news that I would of liked.. The Results from his EEG showed that Riley has a Tendacy to have seizures that are noticeable and some that is nonticeable.. They said that Riley did not have a seizure then.. The Dr. do also say that any light or startles could trigger a episode.. SO when the dr told me that my heart stopped I was scared and was crying because deep down inside i know what was to come but I was hoping for the best and know its like I am always wondering if Riley is having a Seizure beacause they said I would not know sometimes if he is or not ... They also order him Baclofen 5mg but you have to crush it and give it through his G tube.. But truthly I havent gave him it yet beacuse I guess I am scared in a way to give it to him.. But what I can tell you is no matter how much pain or discomfort he is in, he always puts a smile on his face..
Riley is alseep and doing very good..
Here is the little cap they put on him with all the wires inside it and his little ela that goes every where with him ... He loves her to death.. so Precious

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  1. do your own research on the Baclofen to see if it is a positive option for Riley. And don't be afraid to say no to a doc and ask for something else.