Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dr. Office feb 18th

Hello everyone I am sorry I haven't posted any updates on here but I have been so busy with all Riley's Dr. Appt nd alot of things as happen in my family that I have not had a chance to write on here.. I do Apologize for it .. Here is the updates on how Riley has been and what all is going on with him now..
On Feb 18Th Riley went in for a sleep study and we had to wait two weeks and Riley's Dr had called me and said to bring Riley into his office and we had to talk about his results and I said okay is everything fine and he said he just need to talk to me so I went in the next day and he came in the room and told me that Riley has (SLEEP APENA)and that he stopped breathing 10time for like 5 to 7 seconds and it scared me so bad to hear that and I said well what are you going to do and they said for right now there was nothing they could do, just to watch him and to come back March 15Th and I was very up set about it ... Well on March the 1st We took Riley back to his office because his was having more trouble breathing and I just didn't like see him like that, I mean as a parent no one would want to see there child suffer and have a hard time breathing.. So when I took him back in,i told them to please do something, they said that Riley Muscles in his throat were very week and just to come back on March 15 Th and believe me when they told me that I was very pissed of because I felt like they didn't want to do anything for Riley because he had done it with my little Girl and they just keep saying unfortunately you know what is to come and then I said yeah and I think you should still treat him like your other Patience...Well we are still fighting with the drs.. about all this stuff ...

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  1. Let us know how the 15th goes. And stand up to the docs if you think there is something else that can be done! Get oxygen for overnight, or some sort of mouth guard that will keep his airway open while he sleeps. You don't need to do nothing!