Friday, February 24, 2012

Radom Happy pictures over the week..

I thought i would put up some good and happy pictures of Riley and so I did and they are great pictures that we got of him....

My little guys sleeping so good..

My to amazing boys who are such a blessing to us ...

One of daddy's Greatest gifts....

My little Angel sent from heaven to be with us and change our lives, and so many other peoples lives..

This is Riley's Nurse Diane ..

Smile that lights up the world... Riley is doing okay, we are still waiting on his results from his sleep study... But we have seen where he is struggling to breath now and as you know that it is very hard to watch your child have a hard time breathing and we can't do anything but wait on these result.. we have seen thing's start to go down with Riley more, but I do know that we are still fighting and will continue in fighting and praying for a miracle to happy because we believe that God put Riley here for a reason and that's all we can do ... please continue to pray for Riley and My Family as our journey continue...


  1. always sending prayers! glad to see that smile!

  2. Great post! Praying for you guys constantly!

  3. Praying for Riley and all the precious kids with this awful disease. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

    Kathy Lane- NNPDF board member

  4. Just want you all to know that you are in my prayers. Riley is a beautiful baby :) I found your site via Kaitlyn's Korner (and her mom!). My family will continue to keep yours in our thoughts and prayers. (((Hugs sent from SC)))