Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the Doctor's Offices

On the morning of (FEBRUARY 2, 2012) as we were getting ready to start the day, I noticed that Riley looked pale and his fingernails were a little purple. I felt his forehead and he felt warm so we took his temperature. It was about 101 so we gave him some motrin. As the day went on, his fever got worse, it went up 104.6 and he started trying to vomit. I say "trying to vomit" because he has a nissen and technically can't vomit (a nissen is where they wrap the top of the stomach around the esophagus so that if the stomach contracts, like with vomiting or reflux, it won't go up into his airway for him to aspirate). So we immediately opened his G-Tube to let any stomach contents come out but he kept on heaving even when his stomach was empty...

(RIley is holding his brother hand while they are doin blood work)

With his disease, his ability to fight off viruses and infections is weakened. His platelet counts tend to drop pretty quickly so we took him to the ER at Oconee Hospital to have him checked out. He stopped heaving but still had a fever. They drew blood to check his counts, and did a chest x-ray in the ER. His platelet count was 81, normal for him is in the 100s. His white blood cell count was normal. The chest x-ray was streaky, common with a virus, but nothing too concerning. They also did a flu A&B swab plus the RSV twice and they all came back normal...

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