Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to the Doctors Office

Day three on February 4Th..

He was doing a bit better. With more Motrin, his fever went down some and he was really tired. By this point it was WAY past his and my bedtime. . There were a few spots on his belly that seemed rock hard so we wanted to have it checked out at the doctors offices. Everything was good so they said. His white blood count was still normal and his hemoglobin was normal which is good.Unfortunately this is the reality of this disease. Anytime he gets a virus, he will more than likely end up in the hospital. Our dilemma is do we hide our child under a rock so he doesn't get sick or expose him to others so he has a social life but have many hospital stays? Trying to find the balance isn't easy.

Riley's brother Chris alway much him feel better.... Riley is always happen when he see Chris .....

Riley was still running a high fever of 103.6 and he still had that rush and his breathing was very funny like he was having trouble so we went back to Droctor Ivey's office... They didnt really do nothing because they said that he should be over it by day 5 and to just keep an eye on him....

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