Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Friday

I know that it has been a while since i wrote, but i have been so busy with Riley, he has had a lot of doctor's appts.... and some were good and other's were bad news , but its nothing i have not hear before when my daughter had to go through it... On January the 3rd Riley was put on some seizures med called Keppra and they said that for the first week or two he will be very fussy and sleepy and i said okay as long as it help him i was okay with it... Well truth be told i am not okay with it because it made him cry a lot more and you would try to help him and he was not happy at all and it hurt me to see him like that because i knew that was not my Riley bug and yes i thought to myself was i doing the right thing by letting him have this or not because i just could not go another day with him like that... but in the end i stuck through it and even thou it hurts i know it is helping him and that is what i want to do is help him...

This is my little Angel Faith who fought for her life for 19 month and then she left me and it has been almost 5yrs that she has been in heaven know and if she was here she would be 6 yrs old.. I wonder every day what she would like or what kind of sport she would like to play and how her and her brother would get along and how i could play with her hair and sing to her.... I miss her so much and going through this battle for a second time brings back so many memories that i sometimes cant take but i know that i have my family and friends but most of all i have God to help and lead me through this.. here is some more of my precious baby girl:)

Aunt Nichole and I My Nana and I

This is my dad and Faith

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  1. Lori ,
    I am always going to be here for you because you are my sister. I love seeing him but he hates my hat. :( I love you so much and with the help of god, we will get through this. I love you!!! Kiss my riley bug for me. I love yall!!!
    Aunt haleigh