Thursday, December 15, 2011

Past few days have been Rough

These past few weeks has been very hard because Riley is begin more fussier and he doesn't want you to touch him or even hold him anymore... It hurts to know that you cant do anything to help your child and to watch your child in Pain is very heartbreaking.... but we still can get a smile out of Riley. Riley is a loving and sweet baby boy who takes away every ones heart..

Riley in his Santa outfit:)

Love to be with his Brother:)

Even though Riley can not play like a 15 month old he still knows how to play with his brother who he loves dearly:) This disease took a lot away from him but it will not take the love that he gives to everyone who meets him... Riley is going through a lot right know he has to have a lot of test done and has to have a EEG done on him but he is one strong fighter...

Mommy and Riley 4ever:)

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  1. Glad to see that Riley has a good supportive seat! I completely understand about the pain and holding Riley. Just do whatever makes him happy. :-)